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HR Tech Accelerator Program

What’s it like to be a corporate in an accelerator program for startups?

Hudson’s Innovation Manager, Viren Thakrar, talks about his unique experience at the 12-week HR Tech accelerator program run by Slingshot.

Flexible work conditions: New platform removes the worries about bringing up flexibility in a job interview

Despite the shift towards more flexibility in the workplace, flexible work options can still be daunting for candidates to bring up at the interview stage, for fear of missing out on a role.

Yet job seekers are increasingly looking for flexibility, such as part-time work, working from home or different work hours, as technology and changes in society are re-shaping the workplace.

A new website, FlexCareers, hopes to alleviate this fear by providing job seekers with opportunities from employers who are happy to discuss flexible work options right from the first interview.

One Minute with Ben Hutt, Entrepreneur in Residence at HR Tech

He’s run four successful businesses, raised nearly $15 million from investors and swum the English Channel. But entrepreneur Ben Hutt says he’s also made heaps of mistakes. What’s the most valuable startup lesson he’s learned? Find out in just one minute with the Entrepreneur in Residence for the HR Tech accelerator.

Corporates vs startups: an innovative solution

“Don’t fear disruption, be smart – harness it.”

This is the advice to corporates from Karen Lawson, CEO of Slingshot, on the best way to compete with tech startups.

Lawson was the guest speaker at a breakfast seminar that Hudson recently hosted in conjunction with the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI). She spoke about the roles that corporations and startups play in a world where industries are continuously being disrupted.

Reimagining the workplace so that two heads are better than one

In 1965 NASA sent its first manned spaceship, under the Gemini program, into space.

Operated by Gus Grissom and John Young, Gemini 3’s launch was so smooth that the astronauts did not even feel the lift-off. They orbited the Earth three times before re-entering and landing safely – a major milestone in NASA’s history-making journey to the moon.

More than 50 years later, another Gemini 3 is about to lift off, this time in the HR technology space.

Three kinds of emerging HR tech ideas: which one will be the most disruptive?

As business leaders, we’re used to making data-driven decisions in every facet of our organisations, except, perhaps, for our people.

While the world of work is changing rapidly, there are still aspects where organisations generally do things the way they’ve always been done, such as the way they find candidates for roles, select new hires, and identify and develop top performers.

Launching Disruption in 12 Weeks

Hudson and Slingshot have joined forces to launch Australia’s first HR-tech Startup accelerator.

After a successful Pitch Day in March, we have selected 13 startups and scaleups to take part in our structured 12-week learning program delivered by industry experts.

Watch this space as we learn and grow with the ambitious entrepreneurs with their next big ideas to disrupt the HR tech space.

About HR Tech Accelerator Program

Technology has transformed the world of work. Innovation is a key part of Hudson’s strategy for growth and we want to be at the forefront of the changing HR landscape, which is why we have partnered with Slingshot for a 12-week HR Tech accelerator program.

Slingshot brings together corporates and disruptive start-ups, scale-ups and entrepreneurs to take innovative ideas and fast-track the process of turning them into products and services.

Hudson, alongside Seek, is a Platinum partner for the HR Tech program. The UTS Business School will be a Silver partner, while supporting partners are Amazon Web Services, Adobe, Alibaba Group and Microsoft BizSpark.

On the 4th April, teams across the globe pitched their ideas to a panel of judges for selection into the accelerator program. The ideas had to:

  1. Be original or disruptive idea or concept around our specific HR themes of casualisation & the future of the workplace; talent insights; employee experience; disruptive technology & business models.
  2. Operate in the technology sector and use the internet as the primary form of delivery and distribution.
  3. Demonstrate scalability with large market opportunity.
  4. Require minimal capital to develop a minimum viable product.

The winning teams embarked on a 12-week program from the 1st of May, where they will be supported by an incredible group of mentors and experts to turn their idea into a new product or service.

Slingshot’s past accelerator programs have been a huge success. Start-ups and scale-ups that have gone through their programs have a combined market capitalisation of more than $40 million. Over 80% are still active or have been acquired. Startups accepted into Human Capital will receive up to $50,000 from the Slingshot Investment Fund for 10 per cent of the equity in the business as well as training and resources, a support team of mentors and access to a co-working space.

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