Engage through change

When change happens, support your people to embrace new opportunities.

Organisational change brings many challenges and opportunities. In a rapidly changing world, companies need to act quickly to respond to that change. Yet, amidst the process and the planning, the most important activity in managing change is to treat your people with respect and dignity.

This approach is one we’ve long held at Hudson, modelling our philosophy to managing the people side of change on the Japanese concept of 'mottainai'.

'Mottainai' is rarely heard in connection with change, it’s popular meaning centering on environmental protection. It uses the four Rs: recycle, recover, reduce and respect to model how to treat the world with the reverence it deserves.

There’s a deep connection between treating the world with a sense of value and equipping your people for change. We embrace the ideals of preserving value, knowledge and brand reputation, helping our clients transition through times of change while retaining these powerful assets.

The four R's of managing people change

Just as 'Mottainai' uses the four Rs to drive respect of the environment, we use a similar principle of four Rs to manage the people side of your change: redeployment, retraining, resourcing and redundancy.

We help you navigate your change journey by combining these principles with our vast industry experience of supporting employees and leaders through transitional periods. Whether it’s building a culture resilient to the impacts of change, fostering a growth mindset in your workforce or guiding leaders through the change process, our services are specially designed to support, encourage and develop your people.

Whatever stage of the change journey you’re embarking on, Hudson will walk with you.

There will always be a challenge in change, but with 'Mottainai' and our expertise, your people will be ready and prepared to commit to your future strategic vision.


Where possible, retain the investment you’ve made by redeploying and developing your people. Identify alternative career paths and opportunities for people who have the capability and interest.


It can be an expensive exercise, but retraining helps instil a learning culture in your organisation, lifts morale, boosts your brand, and most importantly, shows you’re committed to developing your people.


While certain roles may no longer be required, you may need to make smart hires in other areas to introduce new knowledge and experience that elevates the strength of the team and drives the organisation through the change.


With organisational change, the risk of redundancy is sometimes present. Support exiting employees with respect and dignity during the transition period.

Manage change better with Hudson

Our framework of services helps you through any organisational change and are customised to your needs, from fully embedded support to ad hoc, project-driven assistance.


Navigate change

Equip your organisation to effectively deal with the people challenges and impacts of change.


Realign capability

Align your people capability to new requirements by gaining an understanding of your current versus future needs.


Mobilise careers

Foster a culture where career mobility is supported and individuals are empowered to take personal responsibility for their career.


Redeployment & outplacement

Support your workers with redeployment & outplacement support that helps them find new jobs and opportunities.

Good news, I got a job at [consumer manufacturing MNC] after going through the 2nd interview. Anyway this is another new beginning again and I am pretty excited. I want to thank you for the coaching, sharing and the encouragement given during the sessions we had. I would also like to wish you all the best.

Hudson Career Transition Program Participant

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