Navigate change

Preparing your people to power through change

Change - and the response to change - can define organisations.

Strategic or structural change is a business imperative, but can prove to be a complex process. Behavioural and cultural change that occurs can be unpredictable and challenging. How individuals, leaders and teams ready themselves for both planned and unplanned change has a dramatic impact on organisational success.

Navigating change can be a journey that is both difficult and sensitive at times. By preparing your employees and your leaders with resilience and a mindset that is ready for change, you take a huge step in moving towards the destination your business is striving for.

In short, planning for change means planning for your people. With extensive experience leading organisations like yours through this process, we help ensure you’re well-equipped to push towards your new vision, dealing with any challenges change may bring to your workforce.

Become 'change ready' to embrace opportunity

When you partner with us, you enable employees to build a mindset that adapts to change, makes the most of opportunities and moves your organisation forward.


Employer benefits

  • Help your staff understand the reason for change and commit to the future faster
  • Meet your legal commitments in managing the change process
  • Maintain a positive environment and culture
  • Create brand ambassadors as you build trust and pride in your organisation

Employee benefits

  • Ready staff for change and new challenges
  • Equip individuals to deal with the impact of change
  • Improve employee resilience and wellbeing
  • Employees will be open and understand the benefits of change to their professional and personal life.

How we can help you navigate change

Redeployment support

Empower and prepare individuals to proactively pursue internal opportunities and enhance their chances of securing new roles within your organisation through advocacy and case management.

Supportive separation conversations

Prepare leaders to conduct effective separation discussions so that change messages are delivered with consistency and care.

On the day notification support

Support managers and HR with on the day advice in delivering redundancy communications and providing impacted individuals with emotional support and practical assistance immediately after notification.

Onsite careers hub

Embed a dedicated careers hub within your organisation to provide individuals and groups with local labour market insights and immediate access to practical job search support.

Outplacement support

Enable individuals to build new futures and find new jobs through proven job search tools, market insights and personalised career coach support.

Guide your people towards a new vision

For any organisation, preparing for change is an important aspect of people development.

Start building strong change readiness and leadership capability in your team by contacting us today.