Realign capability

Know where you stand today, so you can deliver tomorrow

Realigning your workforce to handle new requirements is a significant challenge. Companies who adopt subjective approaches to change run the risk of poor resourcing decisions, low engagement and high change resistance. These risks threaten effective workforce planning, realignment and the new strategic vision for your organisation.

When you partner with us, we build a workforce profile to understand where you are today and where you need to be, establishing a road map for your change journey. This data-driven approach helps to reduce subjectivity, allowing you to assess staff impact and make informed, strategic decisions concerning re-skilling, redeployment, resourcing and redundancy ahead of implementing any change processes.

As a result, you manage the people consequences arising from change more effectively and deliver better outcomes for everyone involved.

People-centric realignment that drives you forward

With our support, your workforce planning manages organisational priorities alongside your most valuable assets: people.


Employer benefits

  • Clearly define roles and competencies to support assessment and performance management
  • Understand your training and resourcing requirements through enhanced insights into your organisation's capability
  • Ensure a smooth selection process with support from experienced recruitment specialists
  • Reduce the risk of challenges to resourcing decisions

Employee benefits

  • Enhanced development and career planning enabled by defined roles and competencies
  • Targeted development of future skill requirements
  • Reduced anxiety and uncertainty post-announcement
  • A transparent decision making process

Define future capability requirements

Develop a framework that defines the future people capability requirements your organisation needs to move forward.

Evaluate current capability

Review your existing capability against new requirements with consulting advice and assessments to determine gaps and identify retraining, redeployment, redundancy and/or resourcing initiatives.

Select for success

Provide the expertise, tools and processes to identify and select candidates with the capability to meet the future requirements of your organisation.

Face the future with confidence

Make your workforce planning a smooth process for both your leaders and employees.

Get in touch with our specialist team today and discover how we can support you and your people towards a new organisational vision.