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Define success to identify the best talent for you

Many organisations hire and develop staff without a clear understanding of what differentiates high performers. Others base decisions off inaccurate assumptions about what makes a high performer successful. Without knowing the right criteria for success, the risk of a poor hire increases, resulting in limited employee engagement, rising turnover, or worse, lacklustre capability to execute your vision.

To be able to identify candidates most likely to succeed, you first have to be clear about what success actually means:

  • Where does our organisation need to go?
  • What skills and capabilities do we need to get there?
  • How does the organisation need to shift culturally to achieve our objectives?

Answering those questions is an important step to defining what each role needs to deliver for sustained success.

A blueprint for identifying your top performers

Once you know what organisational success looks like, you have the foundation to determine criteria at an individual level, which are otherwise known as success profiles.

Whether you use them in existing teams or for future hires, a success profile acts as a blueprint for high performers. The metrics used to create a success profile can include data such as skills and experiences, as well as performance metrics such as review scores or KPIs.

When it comes to your hiring, having a success profile provides data-driven insights into whether a prospective candidate is a good match, and alleviates some of the unconscious bias in the hiring decision.


By hiring those that have the right qualities for success, you will see better performance in your critical roles


By selecting candidates who have the right motivational fit for success, you are more likely to retain high performers for longer

Gain faster return
on development

By targeting training to high-performance factors you will see quicker returns on development initiatives

When partnering with you to create a success profile for your organisation, these are steps we take:



Success profiles are a blueprint to identify top performers for your hiring. Examining the competencies, experience, personal attributes and other aspects, a success profile allows you to evaluate consistently and equitably. This minimises biases so you can review candidates with confidence and have greater clarity in decision-making.


  • Focus group with 4-8 managers
  • Overview of the role responsibilities and KRA's
  • Interactive card sort exercise exploring what competencies high performers possess and how they achieve success in their role
  • Understanding of motivational drivers key to role success and what good culture fit looks like


  • Survey current employees in the critical role to validate the key factors identified that lead to success in the role
  • Benchmark current capability to understand potential strengths and gaps that exist in the workforce
  • Further refine success profile to ensure it hits the mark and resonates with employees


  • Clear insights into what underpins success in your critical role(s) presented in a short report and infographic
  • Enable targeted selection of individuals into the organisation based on the factors that matter most to success
  • Enable targeted development on the areas which will help individuals be successful in the role

At first I was really nervous and anxious about the process but after the first step the people conducting the program made sure I was comfortable which made the process really easy going for me… I think the assessment centre process was fantastic and very professional.

Assessment Centre - NSW & ACT

The support and assistance from the Hudson group has been of such high quality and always of a professional and friendly standard. I appreciate the time and work spent in helping me to get this far in the selection process.

Assessment Centres - NSW & ACT

Define your blueprint for success

Build a blueprint for success for your high performers to follow.

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