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Redeployment Services

Redeployment Services help retain valuable knowledge and skills while creating a productive work environment

Organisations are constantly changing and evolving, in good times and bad, for many different reasons. As a result, roles need to be constantly created, removed or altered to meet the changing needs of the organisation.

How an organisation manages the people affected by these changes is often regarded as a challenge, when in actual fact it can be viewed as an opportunity, not only for the organisation but also the individuals which the changes directly impact.

Hudson’s Redeployment Services employ many of the same services found within traditional redundancy coaching, but with several added components which significantly benefit the organisation and the individual.

Employees who have been singled out for redeployment can often feel insecure, under-valued and emotionally vulnerable. Hudson’s redeployment services have therefore been developed to address these issues, working on two levels:

  • As a coach and confidant to the affected individual
  • As a representative of the HR function of the organisation

Our role as a Coach and Confidant

Our role as a coach and confidant can vary greatly depending on the individual and circumstances. It could be as basic as getting an individual job-ready in terms of preparing their resume and addressing a pre-determined selection criteria, or it could be as involved as sourcing appropriate roles and helping the individual apply for them. We work with our clients to tailor our programs to their needs.

Our role as your HR representative

Our role as a representative of the HR division is to help you think through the people implications of organisational change and to answer questions like:

  • What is the communication strategy internally and externally?
  • How will the market respond to this change?
  • Who are the key stakeholders and influencers in the business?
  • Are your leaders clear and onboard with the change and line managers equipped to deal with the inevitable questions, concerns and emotional reactions to change?
  • Who will have the critical conversations?
  • What are the legal obligations?
  • What does your workforce plan look like?
  • Where are your critical skill gaps now and in the future?
  • How to retain critical employees, who will also be affected by the change?
  • What does the external employment market look like?
  • Will the business support relocation?
  • Have you got enough information about the employees who will be affected by this change?
  • What's the makeup (age, tenure, skills profile) of those affected employees and what are they likely to want to do next – New job? Retire? Volunteer? Own business?
  • How will you know if it's working? (pulse check, surveys, employee "landing stories")

How Hudson's Redeployment Services differ

Hudson has a deep understanding and specialisation surrounding motivational and behavioural issues, and how these translate not only into different job roles but also across different industries.

In addition we objectively evaluate the proposed redeployment by identifying skills and knowledge gaps, and how best to address them. While other agencies often focus on only matching technical skills, such a narrow field of view often leads to problems for both the organisation and the individual. Hudson’s broader, holistic approach ensures a significantly more successful redeployment process.

Benefits at a glance

Hudson's Redeployment Services are an invaluable resource for major organisations and boast numerous benefits, including:

  • Allowing organisations to retain valued individuals even though their role may have become redundant
  • Ensuring valuable corporate knowledge and skills are retained instead of being lost to business competitors
  • Creating a happier, more productive work environment by ensuring employees feel valued
  • Ensuring a high level of engagement for those being redeployed and a proven structure for their redeployment phase
  • Protecting an organisation's brand and even reversing any negative publicity or perceptions of employees, as well as promoting the organisation as a caring corporate citizen

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