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Are you looking for a job that’s better aligned to your values? Or maybe you are wondering how to have the pay rise conversation with your manager. From cover letter templates to writing better resumes and practical interview tips, you will find everything to do with your career here!

Resumes examples and templates

When it comes to resumes, not all information is relevant or necessary. In this section, find out the steps behind writing your resume and how you need to fill in the various parts of your resume from your opening statement, work history and education and training.

Job interview preparation

Interviews these days can come in many different shapes and forms. You may have been asked to complete a psychometric test, answer behavioural questions or attend a video job interview. No matter what form your interview process takes our interview tips have got you covered.

How to make a video job application

A video job application is a way for employers to get an idea of your personality and whether you’ll be a good cultural fit in the organisation. Find out how to best maximise your chances if you’re invited to submit a video job application.

Career progression

Realise your full career potential.
Whether you need help with networking or moving on to the next stage in your career, our articles below will assist you to plan
for your future career options.

Online psychometric tests

If you have been asked to complete ability assessments, we strongly recommend you do some practice assessments.

Your personal brand

Everyone has a unique story - their personal brand. Explore Hudson's advice on how you can create and market your own
personal brand to progress your professional career.